From Lafitenia, this high tricks level longboard rider, cross the lines to do his best surf, logging and cutback, the longboard spirit.

Benoit BRECQ


VI/ Destination St Jean de Luz; culinary experience Gateau Basque

Music: Buffalo – « Babilon » –
Starring: Mikel Urigoitia, Clovis Donizzeti, Remi Arauzo, Damien Castera, Benoit Brecq, Klaus Becker

Original idea & Direction: Ion Eizaguirre
Filmed & Edited by: Mikel Yerobi
Art Design: Aitor Molina
Collaborators: Mikel Urigoitia, Klaus Becker, Iosu Gorosabel and Erik Labayen

« Gastrologging » is an audiovisual project that encompasses two pleasure-evoking concepts: gastronomy and logging. We have carefully selected attractive places from which to film surfing and each clip is preceded by a culturally relevant gastronomic introduction. In this way, we aim to balance the importance of the surfing images with respect to the cultural character that each spot carries.