Born in Bayonne on December 11th, 1983, he discover  surfing at 11 years old. He is a few years professional longboarder and set a great deal of pleasure to surf every kind of retro boards, the twin in the Alaia including the fins single and the quatro. He travels by passion, to explore new paradises, new waves, to meet and learn other cultures. He hold a log book from day to day and publish regularly some extracts of those this in the specialist publications.



At first, Alaska doesn’t sound much like a surf destination but this is just a matter of perception. The O’Neill team rider and adventurer, Damien Castera, sees it all the way around. For him the Last Frontier means empty lines ups and perfect waves but not only. Alaska is also about a back into the wild experience, Damien spent 2 month there surfing and hiking on self-sufficiency: fishing for food, rough encampment for accommodation and pepper sprays as self-defense against bears or any other wild life you can encounter there… Check out this flick which gives you a beautiful overview of what Damien’s has been experiencing for 60 days….

Madness Surfing the Line-up Lab is proud to present Damien Castera from France.
Waves from South West of France.